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If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other personĀ“s point of view and see things from that personĀ“s angel as well as from your own.

Henry Ford



For your protection only on inquiry.

The Eventboutique GmbH has references in any different industries.
To protect our customers and their projects we will not announce any references.
But all of our clients have one thing in common: They are all fully satisfied with our work.
If you personally want to inform yourself about us please contact us on or call us 0049 711 50 45 25 85. 

The Eventboutique has expert knowledge at event organization in following destinations:

Germany * France * Austria * Italy * Spain * Greece * Portugal * Danmark * Norway * Turkey * Iceland * USA * South Africa * Namibia * United Arab Emirates * Oman * Jordan * Peru * Ecuador *